Jungle Heat – How to help your team to win a clan tournament

The strategy:

1. Get yourself a rank where you can win easily, but with a rank within one of the following zones:

  • 1400-1499
  • 1700-1799
  • 2000-2099 (This is the most popular zone)
  • 2300-2399

For example, if you normally battle with a rank of say 2200, aim to lower your rank down to around 2000 (simply by losing battles, either send a single troop or use some Spy’s to collect resource whilst losing).

With a lower rank:

  • You will find it easier to win your battles,
  • Lower rank players will attack you, and probably lose, thus earning you more trophies

2. Once you have a lower rank:

  • Win 10 matches that score you maximum tournament trophies and minimum ranking points.
  • After winning around 10 matches, lose the next 2 matches using a single troop (e.g. 1 slasher or similar) or plenty of Spies to collect resource whilst losing.
  • The aim is to keep your ranking in a range that you can easily win (e.g. 2000-2100 range).

3. When picking battles to win, be selective:

  • Try to pick battles that you are confident you can win with a 100% success rate, thus scoring you the maximum tournament trophies (e.g. 50)
  • Try to pick battles that win you low ranking points (e.g. 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 points). Also look for matches that earn good amounts of oil and gold.

4. When losing battles, be selective:

  • Try to pick battles that score you high negative ranking points (e.g. -35, -36, -37, etc)
  • If you need oil and gold, build some Spys (say 100) and Bombers (say 12) and collect resource whilst losing battles.

An example of how this strategy works:

My Ranking is currently at 2010

I’ve won 10 matches that scored ranking points of: 7, 9, 7, 6, 8, 5, 7, 7, 9 & 6 Therefore my overall ranking has increased by 71, to 2081.
I won each of these matches 100%, and each match gained 50 trophies, therefore I’ve accumulated 500 trophies.

I’ve lost 2 matches that scored ranking points of: -35 & -37. My overall ranking has therefore decreased by 72, to 2009.
Losing these battles cost me 40 trophies each, so my trophies have decreased by 80 to 420.

So overall my ranking hasn’t really moved much, but my trophies are now at 420.

During working days, I can repeat the above cycle approx 2-3 times per day, thus accumulating around 800-1200 trophies per day. On non-working days I can sometimes double this figure.

I also usually win a couple of defences per day, which increases the trophy count further.

How many trophies can I expect to win using this strategy?

If you are working in the 2000-2100 ranking range, using this strategy over a 4 day tournament, repeating the cycle 2-3 times per day, can easily earn you over 3000 trophies, if the tournament falls over a weekend, maybe even 4000-6000 trophies, all depends on how many times you can repeat the cycle (how many battles you have per day).

If each player in a clan follows this strategy, the clan will have a much greater chance of winning the tournament.

What troops will I need to use this strategy?

The advantage of this strategy is you only need gunners, riflemen and bombers. Which are quick to produce so you can fight more battles and win more trophies. You don’t need to build Pyros or any other troops that take a long time.

I have space for 200 troops, so for each battle, I always try to have the following troops available, although I don’t always need them all:

  • 20 Gunners – currently at Level 5
  • 12 Bombers – currently at Level 5
  • 68 Riflemen – currently at Level 5
  • 4 Mosquitos – currently at Level 1

These troops take approx 20 minutes to build, although I often have some unused troops left over from a previous battle, so sometimes it can be as little as 10 minutes between my battles.

I also usually have the following available during a battle:

  • 3 Heros
  • 3 Airstrikes (I rarely need to use these).
  • Clan Troops (ideally 20 riflemen, but I don’t usually use them, I try to keep them for defence)

How do you win a battle with these troops?

Pick the easiest looking bases (that earn the lowest ranking points), this is very important, remember ideally you want a 100% success.

First send in the Gunners (or at least some of them), as they will soak up the fire.

Next send in the Bombers to break down the walls, allowing you’re gunners to attack the cannons, mortars, watchtowers, etc.

Then whilst the Gunners are soaking up the attack send in the Riflemen and Mosquitoes (if you have some).

During the battle if any hidden Defdrones appear, you may want to take them out with your airstrikes.

Depending on how the battle is going, if necessary send in further troops to assist (i.e. more gunners, bombers & riflemen).

If its a tough battle, send in the heros in at a similar time to riflemen, but if it’s an easy one, just send them in at the end (to gain experience points).

If necessary also send in the clan troops.

However, don’t waste troops, the number of troops deployed is always on screen (to the left), if you’ve got 50 troops on the field, and only a few guns left to attack, don’t waste any more troops (save them for the next battle).

Does this strategy really work?

Yes it does, most of the winning clans use this strategy, just take a look at the rating of the top players in clan tournaments, many of the players operate in the 2000-2100 ranking range.

When looking at clans, sort by tournament points (by clicking the ‘Tournament’ heading), to see how many tournament points the top players are winning.

Why should we use this strategy?

A Clan that starts a tournament with an overall rating over 18000, will be entered into a tournament where the winning team gains 12,000 diamonds. These diamonds are distributed between the top 15 players in the clan based on tournament points.

My ranking is much lower than 2000, can I use this strategy?

The above examples are based on working at a ranking between 2000-2100, but the same strategy can be used at other levels, although different trophies counts are awarded based on the level, so if you are only able to work between 1400-1499, your trophy count won’t be as high. The trick is to get your ranking to a level where you can always find battles that you can easily win and use troops that are quick to build.

The technique works with the following ranking zones:

  • 1400-1499
  • 1700-1799
  • 2000-2099 (This is the most popular zone)
  • 2300-2399

Have you found this Strategy Guide useful?

If you have found this guide useful, and you want to put the cup winning tactic to good use, I recommend a superb clan called ‘major problem’.

Is there any other advice / tips for Jungle Heat?

Stay active in the chat.

Donate troops to your other team members (preferably Riflemen), don’t just request troops.

Upgrade your troops to a good level, ideally get your Gunners, Riflemen and Bombers to at least level 5.

Use a good base layout (see below).

Let the General & other Lieutenants know if you cannot play for a few days / weeks, due to holidays, etc (you don’t want to get kicked from the clan).

UPDATE: Hero’s are underrated, improve the rating of your Hero’s as often as possible, once they are over 10 they become quite effective, especially when deployed with in a group with other troops. Currently I’ve got my Hero’s all with a rating over 15.

UPDATE: Increase the size of your rally points as quickly as possible, the more troops you can train the better.

What is the best way to layout by base?

This is to a large degree a personal preference, but most players agree:

a) Ensure Command Centre is well protected, ideally in the centre of the base.

b) Put your Clan HQ close to the Command Centre, so your clan troops will defend the Command Centre.

c) Spend gold on improving your walls and defences.

d) Place traps, dynamite just outside of the walls (ideally where you think the enemy will attacked your walls).

e) Put your defences, and oil and gold storage within your walls, but leave gold mines, oil rigs, barracks & rally points outside of the walls.

f) A great way to learn how to layout your base is to look at other bases that you attack, which ones do you find hard to attack? The bases with everything in the middle with a wall around are so easy to attack, a couple of bombers opens up the wall and then just send the troops in. The bases with lots of boxed sections are harder, as you have to uses plenty of bombers to allow your troops to attack.

Also, look at replays when you are attacked, these will help you too see weaknesses in your defence.

You will never create an impenetrable base, if someone has a load of Pyros, Hawks, etc, they will beat your defence, but if you’re base looks strong, it will deter most from attacking it.

I often see a wall just around the Command Centre, I’ve not worked out why some people do this, as I just take out all of the defence and then it’s easy to take out the Command Centre.

I also don’t see any point to double walls, as a few bombers can go through them easily.

Which Clan do I play Jungle Heat in?

I play Jungle Heat with a clan great called ‘major problem’.  They are a very active clan, that compete in tournaments every week, winning diamonds every week. If you decide to join us, just make sure you keep a good balance with donations, join in chat, score lots of cups, but most importantly enjoy playing.

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