Octopus Energy

Sustainable Energy for everyone

Octopus Energy is a relatively new company that started in 2015, they specialise in sustainable energy, with 100% of their electricity being generated from renewable sources like solar, wind and water.

At the time of writing (Dec 2020), they have won the Which recommended provider for the last 4 years (2020,2019 & 2018).

They aim to provide fair energy prices for everyone and take pride in their great customer service.

Electric Car Owners

If you run an electric vehicle, the offer some great tariffs that provider cheaper electricity at night (Octopus Go), they also offer tariffs that track the wholesale energy prices (Agile Octopus). Using these tariffs can help you to save money by charging your EV whilst the prices are low.

Octopus Referral

If you are thinking about switching to Octopus Energy, we can both get rewarded with a £50 credit when you sign up to Octopus Energy using this link: http://share.octopus.energy/dusk-stone-615