Tesla Model 3

Why a Tesla Model 3?


One of the main reasons for purchasing a Tesla model 3 is performance, the acceleration is absolutely amazing, the Standard Range Plus 0-60 is 5.3 seconds, the Long Range 0-60 is 4.2 seconds and Performance 0.60 is 3.1 seconds, with top speeds of 140mph, 145mph and 162mph respectively.


Before owning a model 3 I had some concerns about range, but this no longer worries me at all, as I just charge at home most of the time, and on any long journeys the navigation system automatically calculates which Superchargers to stop at if necessary. The Superchargers charge the car very quickly, in my experience around 20-30 minutes (so time to nip the loo and get a coffee) and the car is recharged and ready to go. The SR+ has a range of 267 miles, the LR range is 360miles and the Performance range is 352 miles, so for most of my commutes I can simply charge at home the night before a journey.


The onboard technology is years ahead of the competition, and I’m not sure if the competition will ever catch-up. The car has 8 external cameras that provide security surveillance (sentry mode) that watches over your car whilst you are away. These cameras together with the ultrasonic sensors and radar are used by the auto-pilot system which is truly amazing (and I only have the standard auto-pilot not full self driving capability). The auto-pilot is best suited for motorways and dual-carriageways where it can maintain a certain speed, slowing down and speeding up depending on traffic ahead. It can also keep you in lane, were the car literally steers itself (this takes a bit of getting used to at first), so on some journeys you really don’t have to do much driving! Inside the car most of the controls are hidden within the touch screen control panel, or via voice control. The touch screen provides entertainment that includes radio, spotify, netflix, games and toybox. The control panel also includes loads of settings to allow customisation of the car, from seat adjustments to airflow movement.

Cost of ownership and Tax Benefits

If you are thinking about a Tesla Model 3 as a company car, currently the BIK is 0% in the first year, so this can be a big saving if you currently drive a petrol or diesel car. The cost to run an EV is also much cheaper than a petrol or diesel car, assuming you are able to charge at home most of the time, and get yourself on a cheap electricity tariff, like those provided by Octopus Energy


If you are thinking about purchasing a Tesla, we can both receive 1000 free supercharger miles if you purchase via this link: https://ts.la/steve72299