Jungle Heat – An alternative way to win cups for your clan

The normal strategy to win cups

My earlier article How to help your team to win a clan tournament explains the normal strategy to win cups for your clan in Jungle heat.

To earn over 1000 cups per day using this strategy (in the 2000-2099 rating range) requires around 30 attacks. i.e. 25 wins earns 1250 cups (50 cups per win) but also need to lose probably around 5 times (40 cups per loss) which would deduct 200 cups.

Doing this the normal way using gunners, riflemen, mosquito’s & bombers requires playing around 4-5 hours per day attacking every 10 minutes.

Requirements for an alternative cupping method

There is however an alternative way, that works when:
a) Your Ironstorms and Vortex troops are at the maximum level
b) You have 4 barracks for training Ironstorms and 3 Special Barracks for training Vortex.
c) Your Rally Points are maxed, so in total you can train 260 troops.
d) You have little use for oil, other than to train troops (this method uses a lot of oil).
e) Your clan hq is using the ‘Reinforced Attack’ enhancement at level 2 or above (giving +20% increase health).

How to cup using this method

This method involves:
a) Only training Ironstorms and Vortex, nothing else (although occasionally I train invaders in one barrack).
b) Only attacking bases ideally using of 1 Ironstorm and 1 Vortex (and Heros), occasionally use 2 Ironstorms if necessary.

You still need to be selective and select the low rating bases (ideally 6 or 7) that you can beat using these troops. It takes a bit of practice, but its quite surprising the sorts of bases you can defeat with so few troops, it also helps if you have decent lvl Heroes (i.e. lvl 20+) to help out when needed. The Heroic Heroes should also be used in each battle.

These troops take quite a while to train (I try to allow a couple of hours between my gaming sessions), thus I will have 6 ironstorms and 3 vortex in rally points, plus another 4 ironstorms and 3 vortex ready to drop into the rally points as the existing troops are used up.

How many cups can I expect to make using this method?

Using these troops you can expect to score at least 300 cups from 6 consecutive attacks, with 1 loss to drop rating (so 260 cups).

Using the above troops I will try to do my attacks:
a) When I wake up
b) At lunch time
c) When I get home from work
d) During the evening
e) Late evening

So although I’m still doing a similar number of attacks (around 30 attacks in total), I don’t need to be online for 5 hours per day, more like a maximum of 30 minutes per gaming session, so no more than 2.5 hrs per day, which suits me much better.

Advantages / Disadvantages

The main advantage is you don’t have to play the game for as many hours, yet you can still score well to help your clan win tournaments. I also find when a big resource base appears I have good strong troops ready to attack.

The main disadvantage is the amount of oil required to train these troops is high and the training time is lengthy.


If you found this guide useful, please come and say hi and cup with our tournament winning clan ‘major problem’.
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